Vincent Morales: A Leader for Fort Bend

Vincent Morales A Leader for Fort Bend

Toguide or direct, to provide guidance or show initiative – these words describe what it means to be a leader. But being a leader means much more than mere words alone. Being a leader means experience. Being a leader means having a proven track record of success. And more importantly, being a leader means being capable and compassionate about addressing a community’s needs and concerns both now as well as for the future. For Precinct 1, Republican candidate for County Commissioner and former Mayor of Rosenberg Vincent Morales is such a leader.

Family First

“My commitment to this community begins at home,” said Morales, a 25 year plus resident, business owner and two-term mayor of Rosenberg.  “I married a Fort Bend County native and together, Regina and I have raised our family, started and built a successful business here.  Today, our sons, Chris and Justin, are raising their families here, and our entire family is committed to community service by volunteering for numerous organizations.  That’s how we raised our boys – to value and contribute to their community – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

While the legacy of community service in Fort Bend began with Regina Klingle Morales’ ancestors – her great uncle Ervin Muegee served as Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 1 for 12 years in the 50s and 60s – her husband has made his own mark leading the City of Rosenberg as mayor for four years. “Vincent’s accomplishments as Rosenberg mayor led the City to a time of unprecedented growth and development,” shared Regina, who knows a bit about economic development in her role as the President/CEO of Central Fort Bend Chamber. “His focus on managed growth and bringing new businesses and jobs to not only Rosenberg but Fort Bend as a whole has paved the way for a bright economic future for the City and its residents.