Protecting our Pets and Animal Shelter

Vincent Morales believes in protecting our county’s animal population. When he became Commissioner, in 2017, he saw the needs of our County’s animals and animal shelter.

That’s when he created Fort Bend PAWS – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the goal of raising funds and awareness for Fort Bend County Animal Services

Through the generosity of so many donors, Fort Bend PAWS has raised over $75,000 to fund programs for spay and neuter services, for treating heartworms, and for increasing the number of pet adoptions.

Fort Bend PAWS works with the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter and generous donors to fund projects both large and small to benefit FBCAS and the pets at the facility. This non-profit gives our community a support framework to provide the best in care for our pets and for the people who love them.


  • Adopt a Pet!
  • Become a FBCAS Foster
  • Drop off Supplies at the Shelter
  • Donations thru Amazon Wish List
  • No Cost Spay/Neuter Services
  • Contribute to Fort Bend PAWS

Property Taxes & Appraisals

Vincent is leading the fight against outrageous property appraisal increases:

★ Defending your right to protest – Vincent ensured that all citizens right to in‑person appraisal protests were protected during the pandemic

★ Reforming the unfair appraisal system – Commissioner Morales is working directly with our state legislators to bring changes and transparency to the arbitrary appraisal system

★ Led a county-wide citizens initiative to protest appraisals – Over 11,000 residents joined with the Commissioner to demand accountability and transparency from the Appraisal District – Vincent brought statewide attention to the problems and coverage from the Houston Chronicle and KPRC-TV


Supporting Our Law Enforcement

Vincent Morales believes in protecting our community through the trust and partnerships that we’re blessed with in Fort Bend County.

For Commissioner Morales, a safe, secure community includes a commitment to fully funding our county law enforcement departments. It includes agency partnerships with our cities, our neighbor counties, and the State of Texas. And it includes his personal commitment to serve the Texas juvenile justice system.

★ Standing up for law enforcement: First as Mayor and now as our Commissioner, Vincent has worked to provide the support, resources, and manpower our police officers need to protect and serve the community

★ Serving our juvenile justice system: Commissioner Morales is a board member of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Board and serves Texas’ mission to produce positive outcomes for youths, their families and communities

★ Pursuing state & federal grants: Vincent has consistently voted to increase grant funding opportunities for our local law enforcement and first responders to help offset those costs from our property taxes


Issue: Economy

The strength of our community is built upon the foundation that our local businesses provide. As Mayor I attracted many large and local businesses to Rosenberg, resulting in an increased tax base, which helped to reduce the tax burden of our residents. I will bring this strong passion for economic development to the Commissioner’s Court, which will not only benefit our residents in the short-term by creating jobs and infrastructure, but also long-term by reducing the tax burden that each and every one of us face.


Issue: Jobs

It is of the utmost importance for the health of any community to have good paying jobs and a low unemployment rate. I significantly reduced the unemployment rate in Rosenberg from the time that I took office as Mayor in 2011 until I left office in 2015. I will bring this same focus on reducing our County’s unemployment rate so that there are more productive members of our community, helping to build and shape the present and the future.


Issue: Mobility

The most glaring issue in Precinct 1 is traffic. Everyone that lives in this area is affected daily by cumbersome commutes over short distances. As your Commissioner I will work hard to ensure that these severe congestion problems are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. This will provide all Precinct 1 residents with a quicker, less stressful, daily commute, thus creating more time for the important things in life.


Issue: Water

As Mayor of Rosenberg I helped to secure the most cost-effective, long-term, solution for our City’s water needs. With our population steadily growing, we will need to be forward thinking and innovative in our approach for many issues, especially water. Building upon my experience as Mayor, I will ensure that Precinct 1, and all of Fort Bend County, has their water needs met to safeguard our community's future.