Supporting Our Law Enforcement

Vincent Morales believes in protecting our community through the trust and partnerships that we’re blessed with in Fort Bend County.

For Commissioner Morales, a safe, secure community includes a commitment to fully funding our county law enforcement departments. It includes agency partnerships with our cities, our neighbor counties, and the State of Texas. And it includes his personal commitment to serve the Texas juvenile justice system.

★ Standing up for law enforcement: First as Mayor and now as our Commissioner, Vincent has worked to provide the support, resources, and manpower our police officers need to protect and serve the community

★ Serving our juvenile justice system: Commissioner Morales is a board member of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Board and serves Texas’ mission to produce positive outcomes for youths, their families and communities

★ Pursuing state & federal grants: Vincent has consistently voted to increase grant funding opportunities for our local law enforcement and first responders to help offset those costs from our property taxes