Precinct 1 Commissioner Vincent Morales Announces Re-Election Bid

Leading the Way Through Effective Leadership, Sharing Information, and Building Relationships

May 10, 2023 KATY - Today, Commissioner Vincent Morales announced that he would be seeking re-election to the Fort Bend County Commissioner’s Court to continue serving the citizens of Precinct 1.

"I am pleased to announce that I will be running for re-election to continue serving the Precinct 1 community. Precinct 1 is growing and thriving in every economic indicator and we are taking a proactive and responsible approach to that growth in the Commissioner’s office. Our focus is on protecting the quality of life for our residents – whether that comes through more roads and drainage improvements, or through lower tax rates and careful budgeting. We are blessed to live in an area with so much opportunity for families and businesses to thrive, and I will continue working hard to protect that opportunity for generations to come.”

Morales represents the newly redistricted Precinct 1, the fastest-growing area in Fort Bend County, with a population nearing a quarter-million residents. Since taking office in the newly expanded boundaries, Commissioner Morales and his team have been dedicated to establishing a personal connection with every neighborhood and community within the precinct. They have made great strides in this effort, recently hosting a town hall of HOA leaders and special district board members where such critical topics as mobility and flood infrastructure were discussed.  Morales is proud to lead a team that is focused on serving the community and building strong relationships with all stakeholders and residents.

“Although Democratic redistricting radically changed precinct lines within Fort Bend County, the Precinct 1 office has hit the ground running after the lines changed,” said Morales. “At the state level, we’ve worked with officials to leverage our local dollars into further solutions for our urgent mobility needs. Here locally, I’ve built strong alliances with community leaders, law enforcement, neighborhood associations, and faith-based groups all over the county. Through this network my office provides regular updates both online via social media, and in-person through community events and meetings. These relationships are key to keeping our economic engine going and enhancing the county services that protect our quality of life.”

Commissioner Morales has also used his experience as a business owner and community leader to accelerate and enhance many critical infrastructure projects in the precinct. These include new main lanes and frontage roads for the Grand Parkway (SH 99), partnerships with TxDOT on the FM 723 expansion, new turn lanes and signal improvements at key intersections, and the expansion of public safety facilities for county law enforcement.

“Our community has vital mobility and infrastructure priorities that are sorely needed to keep up with our population growth,” said Morales. “Some of these projects are years overdue and we need them built as soon as possible to keep up.  As your commissioner, priority number one is ensuring our infrastructure meets this growing demand and our area remains at the forefront of economic opportunity for families and businesses.”

During his time on the Commissioners Court, Morales has been a staunch advocate for taxpayers with his focus on sound fiscal policies and transparency in public service. He has fought to lower our property taxes and bring accountability to the appraisal system as local growth and housing values have skyrocketed.

 “We have so many tasks ahead of us to keep our community strong," said Morales. "As Fort Bend County grows, we must expand our public safety efforts, provide more law enforcement, and create better coordination at every level of government. I’m proud to have the ability to call on so many of our elected leaders as our partners. We will continue to work hard to protect our communities and serve the taxpayers with quality county services. I look forward to serving Fort Bend County again in my next term, and I look forward to building on our current success."

Commissioner Vincent Morales is a longtime Fort Bend County resident, business owner and former mayor of Rosenberg. Since 2011, he has devoted his time in office to serving the citizens of the City he calls home and preparing it for the future. In 2016, he was elected to Fort Bend County Commissioner’s Court for Precinct 1 and is in his second term. Prior to serving as Commissioner, Morales was the co-owner and operator of GreenScape Associates, LLC, a landscape management, design and build firm serving residential and commercial clients.

As an active member of our community, Morales has been involved in several organizations including the Central Fort Bend Chamber, the Lamar Educational Awards Foundation (LEAF) and the Rosenberg Railroad Museum. Morales served as a board member of Child Advocates, the Rosenberg Development Corporation and the I-69 Alliance, as well as on the advisory board of OakBend Medical Center. He also has served as a director on the West Fort Bend Management District.

Morales is married to Fort Bend County native Regina Klingle Morales, President of GreenScape Associates, LLC. They have two children, The Honorable Christopher G. Morales, County Court at Law 1 Judge, and Justin Morales, Vice President of GreenScape Associates, LLC, and two daughter-in-laws, Vanessa and Brooke Morales. They, along with their three grandchildren, Madelyn, William and Parker Morales, all live in Fort Bend. Morales is committed to continuing his public service in his role as Commissioner, Precinct 1 with a focus on improving the quality of life for all Fort Bend County residents.




Thanks for Making the 2021 Morales Golf Tournament a Huge Success!

The 2021 Morales Golf Tournament did not disappoint- good BBQ, drinks and golf! A great time was had by all! Check out the recap video above.
Also, make sure to save the date for the 2022 Morales Pig Roast & Crawfish Boil, featuring the The Spazmatics. I look forward to seeing you April 9th for good music, food and fellowship!

We All Deserve More Answers from The Fort Bend CAD

By Vincent Morales, Commissioner, Fort Bend County Precinct 1

Did you have sticker shock last month when you opened up your new annual home appraisal from the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District (CAD)? I know I did, and chances are very good that you did too.

Everyone I talk to says the same thing, “Commissioner Morales, I have no idea where they got the idea that I can sell my property for this much money. And if they want to pay me that, they can have it.”

It’s become clear that the CAD are the only ones who know how their annual game is played, and that’s got to change. Their decisions on your property’s “market value” bring devastating consequences to many.

When business owners are forced to decide between paying the property tax bill or paying an employee’s salary, they are entitled to answers. When you see a 40% jump on your lot value – or on your small acreage – you are entitled to answers.

For the most part, the CAD operates as a closed system. But the system is so backwards, that in order to be successful when we protest – WE are the ones who have to protest and prove THEIR decision making. If you have never protested your property appraisal with the CAD, then I hope you’ll join me in making a protest this year. The May 15th deadline for getting your protest submitted is never well-marketed, and I hope you’ve made the deadline. Perhaps you’ve already hired one of the various firms around town who specialize in these types of protests, and they’ve been able to help you get some new answers about your specific property.

Frankly, we all deserve more answers. We deserve more transparency, more fairness and more public accountability. Over the last two weeks, nearly 11,000 Fort Bend residents signed my online petition demanding it, and our state leaders have noticed. We’ve received extensive media attention. We’ve been in communication with State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, State Senator Paul Bettencourt and State Representative Phil Stephenson – all of whom have pledged their help and support.

We’ve even been getting regular correspondence from the Chief Appraiser of the Fort Bend CAD. He says his hands are tied by the Property Tax Code, and so far, he has been backed up by legal interpretations of the current laws by the Attorney General.

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Thanks for Making My Golf Tournament a Success!

Thank you to my family and friends and sponsors, golfers, and volunteers for making the 2019 Morales Golf Tournament a success!


Commissioner Morales: Putting People Over Politics

Commissioner Vincent Morales, Pct. 1: Putting People Over Politics

Living, running a successful business, serving his community and raising a family in Fort Bend County for the past 25 years has made Vincent Morales, County Commissioner, Precinct 1, committed to his home and ensuring that it thrives for many years to come. “I have committed myself to the continued growth, prosperity and citizens of Fort Bend County, ensuring future generations will want to call Fort Bend County home,” said Morales. And how does Commissioner Morales plan to continue his commitment? By doing what he has done for over eight years as a public servant:  putting people over politics.

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A Tale of Two Storms

By Commissioner Vincent Morales, Precinct 1, Fort Bend

First posted at Fort Bend CEO

Recently Fort Bend, particularly Precinct 1, has been hit with two significant rain events within 30 days of one another. The first on Tuesday, May 7th – a storm that was not associated with any tropical system, nor forecast to be as severe as it was – dumped up to 12 inches of rain in some areas in a matter of hours. The second rain event began for some of us during the night of Tuesday, June 4th and continued through the next day as remnants of a developing system in the Gulf of Mexico sent bands of rain over our area, which also dumped several inches of rain in a relatively short period of time.

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Enthusiastic About Fort Bend's Future

Commissioner Vincent Morales Remains focused on and Enthusiastic about Fort Bend’s Future

By M.G. Angulo –

A little more than seven years ago, the idea of running for political office was the furthest thought from Vincent Morales’ mind. He was running a successful landscaping business with his wife Regina, and the couple found their community work satisfying.

“I had always been active in the community, particularly where my business was concerned, and both I and my wife were often engaged in economic development or philanthropic activities,” said Morales. “One day I was approached by then Rosenberg Mayor Joe Gurecky, who asked me to consider running for mayor when his term completed.”

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Vincent Morales: A Leader for Fort Bend

Vincent Morales A Leader for Fort Bend

Toguide or direct, to provide guidance or show initiative – these words describe what it means to be a leader. But being a leader means much more than mere words alone. Being a leader means experience. Being a leader means having a proven track record of success. And more importantly, being a leader means being capable and compassionate about addressing a community’s needs and concerns both now as well as for the future. For Precinct 1, Republican candidate for County Commissioner and former Mayor of Rosenberg Vincent Morales is such a leader.

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Fort Bend's First Family

Fort Bend’s First Family

By Patti Parish-Kaminski –

Giving begins at home. As children, we are taught to give by our role models – our parents, our family members – to give.  Whether it is of our time, our talents or our money, giving is a value that traditionally begins at home and is often combined with a legacy of leadership. Leadership and giving are two of the core values that Rosenberg Mayor Vincent M. Morales, Jr. and Regina Klingle Morales not only embody themselves, they raised their sons to do just that: lead and give.

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